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Mr. Jim Brown of Keller Williams in Corona, Ca. has takin the lead roll in FLB Holdings, LLC as Chairman of the Board of directors. Jim’s extensive background in the financial community is well known. Jim’s office in Corona, Ca. escrows over one billion dollars per year, and his understanding of the needs of these associated companies makes him the perfect candidate for this position.

Dr. Alan Gaveck, co-founded Liveyon Laboratories in Yorba Linda Ca. which 

has become the largest distributor of Cord blood related stem cell products in the 

western united states. Alan speaks at conferences across the U.S. and the World, which enables us to network to an array of different financial institutions that Alan can bring to the table. 

Mr. Julian Goldberg, owns and operates Goldberg Capitol which invests in a large array of different properties. Julian’s background was established on Wall street as a bond broker, and lends his expertise in many areas of existing businesses as well as DiNovo’s. Julian’s connections and investment opportunities include, Walmart, Costco, CVS, as well as institutional connections.

Mr. James Regan, James is the owner operator at PH Lending based in Las Vegas Nevada, which conducts financial transactions all over the United States. James is in charge of some major trust funds, and has a masterful understanding of transactions within the medical community. James brings to the board a network of financial institutions familiar with creative financing in the medical field.


Mr. Frank Capozza - Frank started Liquid FSI in 2014. Previously, he was the founder of MCE-London (now LIBERIS), the first alternative lender in Europe, and had a successful exit. His partners included Goldman Sachs SLG, Lloyds TSB, and Cardnet. He worked on global partnership development at Western Union International, and he was the Director of Investor Relations for Borg-Warner Corporation, a Fortune 100 Company.

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